Heating Costs

Well, have you had your first heating bill for this winter yet? Was it a little shocking? After that very warm summer and mild fall that we just had, seeing what it costs now to have that heating system running can be an eye opener.

There are a number of things that can be done to reduce your home heating costs regardless of what heating system you use. Ensuring your insulation is intact and up to current standards is a great start, followed by making sure your heating system has had its annual service to ensure it is running at peak efficiency and safety.

What about a smart thermometer so that you can program it according to your work day and save energy when you are out of the house?

It is probably too late for this season but new, energy efficient windows can also help reduce heating costs. Something to keep in mind for the spring? In the mean time you can purchase kits from the local building supply stores to apply clear plastic films to your windows to create an insulating air space.

How is your weather stripping around your doors and windows? Air leakage in and out of your house can be a major source of heat loss.

For more thoughts on how to reduce your energy costs, I found this great article from BCAA:

BCAA Article