New Homes don't need an inspection............. do they?

I was talking to a colleague of mine at an industry educational seminar recently and she told me about a brand new home she had inspected on behalf of her clients. What she found was truly incredible.

The list of deficiencies went on and on:

·         Hot and cold water taps that had been reversed,

·         Poorly applied interior trims that you could see right through to the exterior walls,

·         Exterior hose bibs plumbed to hot water,

·         Bathroom fans not hooked up to electricity,

·         Baseboard heaters not working.

·         Live electrical wires hanging loose in cupboards. (See the attached picture)

And this is only a partial list of what my colleague found!

Not all builders are equal. It is always a good idea to enquire around about the builder of your prospective purchase and find out what their reputation is. You can contact resources like the Better Business Bureau and BC Housing regarding the New Home Warranty that should be in place on a new home and whether your contractor is licensed to build residential homes in BC (as required by law).

BC Housing Website

Even if all of this checks out, a home inspection by a licensed home inspector is still a good idea. My colleague was able to point out deficiencies and issues with the new home above and put her clients in a great position to decide how to proceed (or not) with their purchase.

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