Photo of home exterior

What to expect on inspection day:


We will arrive promptly at the arranged time. We will introduce ourselves to you and discuss how we will go about the inspection. We consider ourselves a guest in your home.

You are welcome to stay in home but most people chose to be away for the approximatly three hours it takes to complete the inspection.

It is appreciated if you can identify for us any attic or crawl space access points and make sure they are clear for our inspection.

At the end of the inspection, you will find your home as you left it as we do not do any invasive or destructive testing.

If we find any significant life-threatening issues in your home, we will communicate those to you for your own safety. 

Our report, however, is for the sole use of our client and we cannot release it to you. 


We will meet you at the home at the arranged time. We will discuss how we will go through the inspection. You are welcome to accompany us on all or part of the inspection (not everyone wants to go into the attic or crawl space with us!). Some people chose to participate while others simply meet us at the end of the inspection to receive the report. Either way is fine with us. 

We will start on the outside of the building and examine the exterior, roof, site, and visible electrical and plumbing systems. Then we will move inside to look at the attic and basement or crawl space, interior rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, heating and cooling systems, insulation and vapour barriers, structure, and remaining electrical and plumbing systems. 

The full inspection should take approximately three hours depending on the size and complexity of the home Some inspections can take longer. We want to be thorough. 

At the end of the inspection you will receive an immediate verbal briefing of the significant details which will be followed up by a full written report. 

You are welcome to contact us at any time in the future to discuss your report if anything is unclear or you simply want further information. The report is yours and yours alone. We cannot release it to anyone (including your realtor) without your expressed written consent.