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Purchase Inspection

Have an accepted offer on a home subject to inspection? We will go through the home with a “fine tooth comb” and generate a report that will detail important information you should know about your prospective purchase. Our aim is to identify significant issues that may exist in the house or condo so you can make a well informed decision. We will also report on minor issues that you may want to attend to once you have possession of your new home.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Thinking of selling your home? A Pre-Listing Home Inspection can provide you with the information you need about your house or condo in order to prepare it for sale. We will give you a list of deficiencies enabling you to correct the issues so your home will be in tip-top condition for a quick sale. 

Pre-offer Inspection

Sometimes, in a hot real estate market, you need to get information fast - even before you place an offer. A Pre-offer inspection is similar to a Purchase Inspection but can occur before you submit an offer. We work fast to provide the critical the information you need to determine if an offer is in your best interest. 

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What is a
Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a professional opinion on the condition of a house on the day of inspection based on a visual, non-destructive, survey of the accessible parts of the  home to identify any major issues that may be present. The Home Inspector will be looking to find items within the home that are unsafe, deficient, or nearing/at the end of their service life.

What to expect
on inspection day:

It's always helpful to know as much information about the process and what we are going to be doing for you. Take a moment to have a quick look so you are as informed as possible.